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If you are charged with a crime, it is crucial that you have an aggressive legal advocate on your side to help you get the most favorable outcome under the circumstances. Attorney Matthew Neufeld has the knowledge, experience and empathy to help you during this incredibly stressful time in your life. Additionally, his unique personable nature has helped him develop a good rapport with the State and the full courtroom teams in Montgomery County, which allows him to represent his clients effectively no matter the level of the charge - misdemeanor (DWI, Assault, Possession of Marijuana, etc.) or felony (THC oil cases, Aggravated Assault, sex offenses, etc.). Hear what past clients have to say about his results.

Conroe criminal defense lawyer Matthew Neufeld is an active member in the College of the State Bar of Texas, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the Montgomery County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Participating in these esteemed organizations places this attorney on the cutting edge of legal development, such as case law changes and knowledge of issues with labs, testing techniques and law enforcement disciplinary actions. These subjects impact DWI, drug cases and other criminal defense matters. Working with these organizations also acquaints criminal defense lawyer Matthew Neufeld with his colleagues. Hear what they have to say about working with him.

Criminal Defense

Texas is known for its harsh criminal penalties compared to other states. If you are charged with any crime in Montgomery County, you need a criminal defense attorney with experience in the Conroe courts. Although any criminal offense must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in trial, Matthew J. Neufeld will make sure that the prosecution's case is challenged at every step of the way. He can raise both procedural and substantive defenses in pursuit of a dismissal or acquittal, or he can negotiate a favorable plea bargain if that is the appropriate strategy for the situation. Sometimes a trial is necessary. This criminal defense lawyer is not afraid of jury trial.

Matthew Neufeld is not afraid of jury trial in criminal defense matters. He has attended the TCDLA Trial Lawyer College. Further, in his first year as a criminal defense lawyer in Conroe, he was a part of about seven jury trials. That is one jury trial almost every two months! In the ten years that Matthew Neufeld has been a Conroe criminal defense attorney that trend in actionable trial experience has continued. He has tried DWI, assault cases, and more. Frequently, he sits with other lawyers in voire dire and as co-counsel in felony DWI, assault and drug trials in Montgomery County, Walker County, Harris County and other nearby counties.

DWI Defense

DWI cases are intricate beasts of their own. Criminal defense lawyer Matthew Neufeld has the necessary skills and knowledge to help you with your DWI case in Montgomery, Walker, and Harris counties. He has tried numerous DWI trials and has assisted numerous other criminal defense lawyers with theirs. He has undergone extensive training in forensic chromatography at Axion labs to familiarize himself with the testing techniques that determine the blood alcohol content (BAC) in your breath or blood. Additionally, he is trained in the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, providing him the tools to challenge the video, the breath/blood results, review the discovery from TXDPS and fight your DWI case. Further, DWI cases could result in a driver license suspension. Allow criminal defense lawyer Matthew Neufeld to handle your Administrative License Review (ALR) hearing to prevent that from happening. Until recently if you are charged with a DWI case you are ineligible for deferred adjudication. However, that has changed. You need a lawyer who is current on the case law changes as it relates to DWI cases to present to you all of your options and ensure success.

THC Oil Cases

Vape pens are the latest newsmakers. From recalls to hospitalizations to popcorn lung, vape pens are losing their luster. Did you know vape pens with THC oil can lead to incarceration? Your teenager probably doesn't. Possession of THC oil leads to the felony charge of Possession of Controlled Substance. This is most frequently a state jail felony with a punishment of not more than two years or 180 days in a state jail facility. In addition to confinement, a state jail felony may be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000. The level of the offense and punishment range can depend on the amount of THC oil. A felony conviction could affect financial aid for college, potential employment, and limit the opportunities for your child in the future. If you want the best for you kid, you need the best. Don't allow a stupid mistake derail their success. Criminal defense lawyer Matthew Neufeld can navigate you and your family through your felony THC oil case.


Attorney Matthew Neufeld has successfully handled myriad types and levels of assault cases in Montgomery and the surrounding counties. Did you know that in Texas, you can be charged with assault even if you just threaten someone with an imminent bodily injury. In other words, you do not even need to cause actual injuries to be convicted of assault in Texas. You can be charged with aggravated assault if there is a serious injury or if a weapon was used. Whether an assault is a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the type of harm that occurs, as well as who was involved. No matter the type of assault charge that you are facing, Matthew Neufeld can help you tell your side of the story and make sure that your rights are protected.


Expunctions and Orders of Nondisclosures can be the magic eraser in moving forward in your life after an arrest. An expunction is a process that results in an order that obliterates the records of your arrest for an offense that resulted in a dismissal. An Order of Nondisclosure is a process that seals the records of your arrest that resulted in a completed deferred or met other specific requirements. Recent case law changes allow for an Order of Nondisclosure in DWI offenses and other convictions. Are you eligible? Contact criminal defense lawyer Matthew Neufeld to see if you meet the criteria. Matthew Neufeld can help you meet your needs in Montgomery, Walker, Harris and other nearby counties.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Conroe

Matthew Neufeld has a proven track record of success handling a wide variety of criminal cases in the Montgomery County and surrounding areas. We are ready and available to take your call and assist you no matter what kind of criminal offense you may be facing. Set up a free consultation with Matthew Neufeld today. Give us a call at (936) 228-6155. We are ready and available to help you seven days per week.

Client Reviews
Absolutely amazing! He walked me through all my options and and supported my decisions while at the same time, fought for me. I got a dismissal for my DUI and it wouldn't have happened without him. He's very knowledgeable, and personable. Holli P.
Awesome Attorney that will not fold at the first push of opposition. He's very personable and affordable. I was charged with a felony for possession of controlled substance, but walked away with a misdemeanor and a fine in 4 months. Don't spend your hard earned money elsewhere! Pat S.
I don't even know how to explain how good this Attorney is, trust me if you want phenomenal results, positive actions towards your case I'm saying this guy has insane knowledge about law, he can walk you through everything once you hire him so do not hesitate to hire him i had a misdemeanor case for assault and i was depressed about it. And also I have been waiting for a court date for a year and and later had a warrant on me which got me and my family worried so much. let me just say he incredibly save me from a messy case which would have been bad for me now and later so if you smart of enough guys please hire this attorney trust me you won't regret it. Sulaiman M.
Mr. Neufeld is an outstanding attorney. I was arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriffs and charged with DWI 4th and they were trying to send me to prison for 2 - 20 years. He fought very hard against the prosecution and got the charges reduced to a misdemeanor 30 days county with no fine. He is very prompt with answering any questions and treated me very respectfully. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a competent attorney to take on a difficult case. Steven C.
I just want to give a shout out to attorney Matt Neufeld and his law office that did a phenomenal job on behalf of my son. He went above and beyond his call of duty, he was kind, faithful, and reliable. The nicest attorney I’ve ever met. Thank you for your diligence, God bless you, and from this mothers heart, I thank you with every fiber of my being sir. Danette C.
Honestly could not have asked for a better attorney, he got all charges dismissed, and also worked with me on an easy affordable payment plan, if you have any type of felony or regular criminal charges call Matthew Neufeld, you will not regret your choice. In my opinion he is the best criminal defense attorney in Montgomery Texas or surrounding areas. Tommy B.
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