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Madison County

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Madison County Area

Madison County is located in central East Texas and was created in 1853. The county was named after President James Madison, the fourth United States president. The county seat is Madisonville and other communities in the county are the cities of Midway, Normangee, and North Zulch. Madison County is bordered by Leon County to the north, Houston County to the northeast, Walker and Grimes Counties to the south and Brazos county to the west.

Madison County is still rural wooded and while travelling north through the county on Interstate 45 the Piney Woods give way to a mixture of grassland and post oak and other assorted hardwood forest trees. The natural boundaries of Madison County are the Navasota River in the west, Bedias Creek in the south and the Trinity River in the east. Of note, the old Indian trails of the Old San Antonio Road and the La Bahia Road pass through what is now Madison County. In fact, a major portion of the Old San Antonio road is what creates the northern border of Madison County.

Only three original settlements of Madison County have survived to modern day. Midway is the oldest of the surviving settlements in Madison County and is located three miles from the Trinity River on the eastern edge of the county. Midway was settled in 1829. North Zulch was settled in 1848 and was names after Julius Zulch an immigrant from Germany that settled that area. The county seat of Madisonville was established upon formation of the county by the legislature and was based on compliance that the county seat be no more than five miles from the center of the county. Elwood, the last original settlement of Madison County was one of the largest communities in the county, but after Madisonville became the county seat, Elwood no longer prospered.

Major employers in Madison County include the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with the Ferguson Unit located in a rural part of the county. The unit employs around 700 people. Madisonville is known as the Mushroom Capital of Texas. Monterey Mushrooms, the nation’s largest mushroom production facility in located just south of Madisonville in Madison County. Every year the Texas Mushroom Festival is held in the county in the month of October. Monterey Mushrooms employs over 600 people.

Over the last decade the law firm of M. Neufeld Law has represented a large number of people from Both Monterey Mushrooms and TDCJ. Many of the employees from both sites are commuters that drive as far as Houston for work. Because of the distance travelled there is a high probability of eventually being stopped by law enforcement. Know your rights. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to look at your case so that you can make an informed decision that will affect the rest of your life. Don’t be a statistic. Due to the large amount of traffic along Interstate 45, Madison County has a high number of arrests for drug and alcohol offenses. Total arrests for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and the Madisonville Police Department was 325 in 2015. The area is also heavily patrolled by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Common arrests in the area are for DWI, DUI, and other alcohol related crimes, as well as possession of controlled substance offenses and manufacture and delivery of controlled substance crimes. Common drug and controlled substance arrests in the area are for possession of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, PCP, Xanax, valium, and even prescription cough syrups.

It is not uncommon for arrests in this area to be mislabeled as drug trafficking offenses. If you are arrested in this area you need a local attorney that is familiar with the Madison County area. At M. Neufeld Law, we have the experience you need to represent you and fight for your case. If you have been arrested on I-45, in Madisonville, North Zulch, Normangee, Midway, or North Zulch do not delay. You need representation now. Call M. Neufeld Law today at 936-228-6155.

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Absolutely amazing! He walked me through all my options and and supported my decisions while at the same time, fought for me. I got a dismissal for my DUI and it wouldn't have happened without him. He's very knowledgeable, and personable. Holli P.
Awesome Attorney that will not fold at the first push of opposition. He's very personable and affordable. I was charged with a felony for possession of controlled substance, but walked away with a misdemeanor and a fine in 4 months. Don't spend your hard earned money elsewhere! Pat S.
I don't even know how to explain how good this Attorney is, trust me if you want phenomenal results, positive actions towards your case I'm saying this guy has insane knowledge about law, he can walk you through everything once you hire him so do not hesitate to hire him i had a misdemeanor case for assault and i was depressed about it. And also I have been waiting for a court date for a year and and later had a warrant on me which got me and my family worried so much. let me just say he incredibly save me from a messy case which would have been bad for me now and later so if you smart of enough guys please hire this attorney trust me you won't regret it. Sulaiman M.
Mr. Neufeld is an outstanding attorney. I was arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriffs and charged with DWI 4th and they were trying to send me to prison for 2 - 20 years. He fought very hard against the prosecution and got the charges reduced to a misdemeanor 30 days county with no fine. He is very prompt with answering any questions and treated me very respectfully. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a competent attorney to take on a difficult case. Steven C.